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For Flat Panel Display and Solar Cell manufacturing

Spectra meets high performance with an environmental conscience


• Unique 4-stage combustion technology

• Efficient SiH4 abatement

• High H2 flow abatement capacity

• Excellent management of high flows of NF3 / F2

• High NH3 abatement capacity

• Modular design of abatement and particulate management

• 80% powder removal efficiency

Acid gas scrubbing

• Integrated wet scrubber

• Water Recirculation Unit to optimise water consumption

Powder Capture

Spectra ZW2 – water cooled abatement with particulate removal

• Modular Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

• Removal of 99% particulate

• High powder load handling capability

• Low cost of ownership relative to alternative solutions

Edwards environmental solutions for semiconductor manufacturing