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Lower the environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing

The environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing is gaining more attention than ever. As processes become more complex, the resources required for production increases. Environmental reporting standards are tightening, driven by global climate change frameworks such as Cop27.  

Resources such as power and water need to be obtained from renewable sources, and their consumption needs to be minimised. In addition, there is a clear connection between environmental and business sustainability goals, where customers are seeing success with Circular Economy Business models.

Employee safety and wellbeing are paramount and any element of risk, uncertainty, and team frustration can impact the sustainability of the Fab operation.

6 ways to reach your environmental sustainability goals

  1. Review your service approach to make sure it is helping you to achieve your environmental, safety, and sustainability goals
  2. Consider remanufacturing were possible: it is a sustainable option to prolong the life of assets, all at the lowest environmental cost
  3. Maximise equipment upgrades to minimise the environmental impact of your fleet performance
  4. Work with the Edwards Service teams to mitigate your Fab's carbon footprint by exploiting new energy efficiency initiatives in the SubFab
  5. Minimise the environmental footprint of your service requirements by using your local Service Technology Centre
  6. Longer term, embrace the holistic philosophy of operating a 'circular economy' approach, recognising the potential for enhanced business value and profitability.

We are happy to work with our service customers to implement strategies and service plans that can have a positive and far-reaching impact beyond standard compliance requirements.

Service Solutions for environmental sustainability


The Circular Economy model aims to redefine the current “take (resources) – make (products) – waste” cycle, by introducing new principles such as reuse, repair, remanufacture. Edwards remanufacturing solutions gives your vacuum and abatement equipment fleet another lease of life and contribute to your sustainability goals.  


Edwards has developed a range of upgrades to minimise the environmental impact of your equipment performance

Service Plans

Edwards offers a range of service plans that will help you to reach your environmental sustainability goals. Planned maintenance can have a significant impact on your operations. Prolonging the lifetime of your equipment fleet will make more efficient use of your resources as you may need fewer backup units to run a seamless operation; it will also reduce the waste from needlessly discarded equipment. An effective service plan will help you to reach your Scope 3 emission target as it will optimise your supply chain, including the transportation of spare parts and engineers. 

Total Risk Management contracts

Our Risk Management solutions can have a significant impact on your sustainability targets in terms of resource optimisation and wellbeing. Our Predictive analytics algorithms are developed according to your specific needs and give advanced warnings when a machine is going to fail, allowing  to align process tool maintenance with vacuum and abatement maintenance. This reduces the risk and uncertainty associated with vacuum and abatement down events, and also reduces the frustration across the Clean-Room and SubFab teams caused by unexpected disruptions in the production process.


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