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coating tablet being touched

Creating an environment for innovation

Mobile devices are revolutionising the world, where smart mobile devices, with their high-speed processing and internet searching capability and thousands of applications, are offering a “world in your pocket” experience with new technologies and innovation almost on a daily basis. Our challenge is to find ways to keep leading in this fastest growing mobile device technology sector. Touch coating, anti-fingerprint coating, anti-reflection coating, non-scratch coating, facial and iris recognition are some of the challenging processes on mobile devices that are equipped with high resolution cameras and displays with stunning lively colours to exact quality standards could pose a real challenge to any manufacturer. At Edwards we constantly strive to offer leading solutions with optimised vacuum technologies to meet the harsh coating process while providing high throughput yields, low cost of ownership with low utilities and maintenance requirements. If you have any specific requirements for vacuum systems in coating for mobile devices, please contact your nearest Edwards representative for further insight into the Edwards total comprehensive package solution.

Knowledge & Insights