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Vacuum components and hardware

NW flange assembly

NW fittings, otherwise known as ISO-KF, are the industry standard for many applications in the low to high vacuum range.

They are ideal for achieving dependable cost effective performance down to 10-7 mbar across a range of applications for the light to harsh duty.

A simple fastening method means that systems can be easily assembled and a leak tight vacuum seal is quickly achieved.

  • Manufactured to ISO 2861 and SIN 28403 standards;
  • Nominal diameters 10 mm to 50 mm;
  • Use with either elastomer or formed aluminium seals
  • Choice of clamp type depending on the application, access, convenience and cost
  • For use in high-vacuum applications; pressure >10-7 mbar
  • Convenience of supply

    Single source supplier, able to provide the complete system solution either online or via local supply centers.

    High quality and reliability

    Precision material control ensures a dependable vacuum performance on sensitive or demanding applications

    Comprehensive choice

    Complete range for all common flange sizes in aluminum and stainless steel