Designing vacuum systems using modelling tools

Webinar:  Designing vacuum systems +++ using modelling tools

Edwards has pioneered the development of modelling tools aimed at enhancing the design of vacuum systems to make them more efficient, reliable, and innovative. These tools serve the dual purpose of facilitating the design of entirely new systems or optimizing existing ones.

Typically, a vacuum system's foundation lies in a comprehensive set of specifications, either provided by the system-owner, hardware manufacturer or a trusted partner, such as an engineering company.

However, the potential of these systems can be elevated significantly through the application of modelling tools, resulting in the creation of more sophisticated and efficient vacuum systems that not only meet scientific, industrial and other applications’ requirements but also address safety compliance and environmental drivers.

Modelling tools are used to cross-reference production, engineering and scientific constraints. Hence, simulating a vacuum system can project its performance and operational boundaries, thereby validating the system's architecture.

Modelling tools involve the selection of components for the given process/application and conducting a functional analysis; iterations to the model being made to identify the most suitable.

 Importantly, modelling tools eliminate the need for a multitude of time-consuming and expensive real-world testing programs and, for product development, repeated ‘metal cutting’ stages.

In essence, modelling doesn't stand in opposition to traditional specifications; rather, it complements them. This approach is a distinct advantage when it comes to modelling and optimizing complex vacuum systems. It empowers decision-makers to choose system components that offer superior performance, economic viability, and energy efficiency. In this webinar, we will illustrate these principles and outcomes with practical, real-world examples.

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Designing vacuum systems using modelling tools, pumpcalc
Andrew Chew

Andrew Chew

This webinar is presented by Andrew Chew, who holds the position of Global Applications Manager, with a responsibility across all continents for developing vacuum application solutions, mentoring, and training colleagues and new product technology developments. He has a special focus on identifying vacuum industry trends and emerging technologies.

Andrew has had over 40 publications, made more than 60 conference presentations, and produced 10 patents. He has served as a British Vacuum councillor and is currently the Chair of the IOP Vacuum Group. He gained fellowship of the IOP in 2019. Andrew remains fascinated by vacuum science and the dynamism of the vacuum industry in all its forms.

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