Leak Detection Rental & Service

Whenever a process runs under vacuum, keeping your equipment leak tight is crucial. But purchasing a new leak detector for testing individual parts or small series may not be economically feasible. While the Edwards ELD500 helium leak detector is a highly stable and accurate solution that offers low cost of ownership and ready to go mobile solution customisable for any application, we understand that not every operation can justify the cost of owning a leak detector. This is where our new leak detection offerings come into play. If owning a leak detector is not an option for you, there is nothing easier than to simply rent it from us or have our engineers come over to perform the leak detection for you. 

Leak detector rental

  • Save money by renting our state-of-the-art helium leak detector ELD500 and use it at your will for a defined period of time.
  • No hidden costs for you. The cost of ownership (maintenance, oil, etc.) is covered by us and you pay only for the rental period.
  • After the rental period you return the leak detector back to us until you need it again.

Leak detection service

  • If you do not feel comfortable operating a leak detector on your own, we can send our engineer to do the leak detection for you.
  • No need for you to invest in owning a leak detector nor in training your maintenance personnel on using it.
  • We provide the leak detector and our engineer handles all the work.
  • You pay only for the leak detector rental and our engineer’s time.


ELD500 Leak detector
Leak detector in lab

Our versatile ELD500 leak detector is ideal across all applications. At the push of a button the ELD500 can easily be set to work in either vacuum mode for precise measurement of leak rate, or sniffer mode for identifying leak location. 

By renting our leak detector, you can rely on high stability and accuracy achieved through calibration with the integrated test leak source and high quality mass spectrometer. Whether it is being used on a production line, where consistent measurement repeatability is critical, or in a laboratory environment, typically requiring the measurement of extremely low leak rates, the ELD500 is your perfect partner to detect a leak diameter of up to 0.1 nanometre. For more info on the ELD500, visit its product page here.