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Longer, more predictable pump life, lower overall cost of ownership

Investing in quality

Edwards XCEDE is the result of thousands of hours of development from a unique team of world leading chemists, metallurgists, mechanical engineers, and process experts. It provides outstanding performance, extending pump life in applications including Etch and CVD. 

XCEDE uses a complex combination of surface treatment and precision engineering to reduce the chemical and mechanical wear within the pump mechanism. As such it represents the next evolution in enhanced durability for Edwards’ iH, iXH and iXM pump families.

XCEDE Service upgrade has Standard Warranty which covers the parts and workmanship associated directly to the work undertaken. The parts warranty is limited to the parts replaced and is valid for 12 months.

Can Existing products be Upgrade to XCEDE technology?

Yes - XCEDE can be applied to the iH, iXH & iXM pumps as an upgrade. The key benefits are:

  • Longer, more predictable pump life
  • Improved uptime through fewer service events
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • No need for revalidation of pump/tool

What does this mean?

Excellent corrosion protection along with superb resistance to galling and seizure. XCEDE will drastically extend pump life and maintain pump performance in harsh applications, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Scope of work during upgrade and service - dry pump metal parts.

First time upgrade and future service events.

Pump XCEDE parts Non XCEDE parts (DP Cartridge)
iH XD 100% replacement 100% replacement
iXH XD 100% replacement Inspect -> replace
iXM XD 100% replacement of shaft rotor (2 parts)

100% replacement of inlet/exhaust stators (2 parts)

Head plates HV/LV inspect -> replace

iXM XD+ 100% replacement (4 parts - shaft rotor and stators) Inspect -> replace

For more information, please download the XCEDE datasheet and also visit the Edwards Innovation Hub.