nEXT Mechanical Turbomolecular Pumps

Edwards nEXT mechanical turbomolecular pumps

A turbomolecular pump is a multistage axial-flow turbine in which high speed rotating blades provide compression by increasing the probability of gas moving in the pumping direction. The turbomolecular pump is optimised for molecular flow conditions and requires a suitably sized backing pump to exhaust to atmosphere.

Exceptional performance from the nEXT range

nEXT has been designed to combine all the latest technological advances in turbomolecular pumps providing end-user serviceability and delivering a truly class leading product. Pump sizes available offering true 85, 240, 300 and 400 litres per second pumping speed performance (N2).

Conventional turbomolecular pump rotors are designed to deliver either high speed or high compression. To eliminate this compromise the blade arrangements on the nEXT rotor have been totally re-designed to optimise pump performance and achieve both higher speeds and higher compression. The end result is an exceptional pumping performance for a pump of its size.

nEXT85 - It’s small, it’s intelligent and performance will exceed your expectations.

The nEXT85 turbomolecular pump is our latest addition to the Edwards product portfolio, and set to be a real winner across the R&D, High Energy Physics and Analytical Instrument sectors.

nEXT85 pump builds upon the success of the highly successful EXT75DX to deliver a pump with significantly improved performance, in a reduced footprint. In addition to enhanced performance the nEXT85 benefits from the same service and operational functionality as the larger nEXT, including field serviceability and in-built intelligence, for a truly class leading product.

The pump has been totally re-designed to optimise performance and achieve both greater speeds and higher compressions, while maintaining increased levels of reliability in a small package.

Edwards Presents nEXT85 turbomolecular Pump

nEXT85 is the latest member of the popular Edwards nEXT range of turbomolecular pumps. It builds on the ever popular EXT range with increased performance, improved features and benefits, and all in a reduced footprint. Here John Wood, Product Manager Edwards, gives you an introduction to this great new turbomolecular pump.


Edwards nEXT85 turbomolecular pump animation

With an increased customer choice of standard and higher compression variants, Edwards nEXT85 turbomolecular pump is able to offer superior performance for all needs, and yet is the smallest pump in its class on the market.


nEXT85 - Going where no pump has gone before....

In order to get the very lowest pressure, we decided to launch our new nEXT85 to the edge of space, 32km above the earth.... but it turns out all we had to do was turn it on.


See where our range of nEXT pumps are manufactured

The manufacturing hub of nEXT. Our Lutin manufacturing facility has been in operation since 1999 and is Edwards’ global manufacturing base, located in Czech Republic. The 13,000 sqm facility includes 80+ precision manufacturing tools, state-of-the-art 550 sqm ISO 7 rated clean room, and is home to 450 employees.

Exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios

superior performance

Huge install base of turbopumps

proven reliability for peace of mind

Bespoke design service available

flexible solutions

Integrated intelligent controls

ease of use

Fully end user serviceable

Extended lifetime and low cost of ownership

Enhanced customer choice

large variety of standard variants

  nEXT85 nEXT240 nEXT300 nEXT400
Inlet flange   DN40 DN63 ISO-K or DN63CF DN100 ISO-K  DN100 ISO-K  or DN100CF DN100 ISO-K  or DN100CF DN160 ISO-K  or DN160-CF
Inlet Pumping Speed ls-1 N2 47 84 84 240 300 400
Ar 44 80 80 230 280 380
He 61 78 80/78 (D/H) 230 340 390
H2 49/44 (D/H) 60/54 (D/H) 60/54 (D/H) 165 280 325
Compression Ratio (D) N2 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
Ar >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
He 8 x 106/2 x 107 (D/H) 3 x 105 1 x 106 1 x 108
H2 2 x 105/5 x 105 (D/H) 1 x 104 5 x 104 5 x 105
Compression ratio (T/H) N2       >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
He       1 x 106 3 x 106 >1 x 108
H2       1.5 x 104 1 x 105 1 x 106
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