Edwards Active and Passive range of gauges and controllers

With gauges being vital to any vacuum system in order to efficiently control and monitor processes, you can find a wide selection of technologies to best suit your application. From Active to Passive and 2000mbar to 1e-12mbar we have the solution for you.

Edwards capacitance manometer gauge

Edwards capacitance manometer gauge

Capacitance manometer gauges

Capacitance manometer gauges are the most accurate “active” gauges we sell, with accuracies of <1% and the ability output a linear 0-10V signal or communicate via RS232. They are Electro-mechanical gauges using a ceramic membrane to form an electrode of a capacitor. Available in a number of temperature controlled variants, our new Capacitance range can be integrated into many applications where accuracy is key.

Active Gauge Range

Edwards active gauge range

Active gauges

Active gauges are a complete self-contained head and driver electronics in a compact unit. These gauges typically need 24 V dc and then provide a 0-10 V output that relates to the pressure. This output can be S-shaped or Linear depending on the chosen unit

Edwards digital gauges range

Edwards digital gauges range

Digital gauges

Digital gauges are similar to Active in that they are self-contained including driving electronics, however they take this one step further and eliminate the need for a separate controller. The Digital gauges simply need a supply voltage in the range of 15 to 48Vdc and then are serial comms enabled, so can be directly interrogated via a PC or PLC using either RS232 or RS485 communications.

Passive Gauge Range

Edwards passive gauge range

Passive gauges

Passive gauges completely separate the measuring part from the driver electronics. The head that is attached to the system only contains the items needed for the physical measurement and all other electronics is contained in the controller. As such the controller and cable have to be specific to the desired gauge.

P3 Portable Handheld Gauge

Edwards P3 portable handheld gauge

Portable gauging

Portable gauging offers the opportunity to be free of cabling and power and take spot measurement checks. The Edwards P3 handheld all in one measuring system is the essential device for on-site service calls and on the spot flexible checking due to it being mains power independent

Low power

surface mount integrated circuit electronics allow for a decreased size

Long flexible cables

as the cable only contains a drive voltage and high voltage output signals rather than low voltage signals that could be prone to interference

Non-specific controllers

TIC and ADC can be used that can control multiple gauges without needing to specify exact gauges to use at time of ordering

Elimination of an external controller reduces overall costs
Units are compact and efficient
Long standard flexible serial cables
Gauge head

is less prone to interference such as that from ionising radiation

Gauges and connectors

can be more rugged making them suitable for industrial environments

Measurement Range

1200 to 5x10-4 mbar (7 decades)

Data logging

via USB interface or using the internal memory to store up to 2000 values which can then be exported to PC

Battery powered

runs of a standard 9 V battery or 12 V a.c. adapter in the accessory pack

Pressure unit selectable

mbar, Torr and Pascal

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