PCC Compact Coolers - Next Generation CryoTiger

new levels of efficiency

New levels of efficiency

With its compact design and remote cold end, the PCC delivers a robust heat removal system capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -203° C (70 Kelvin) — all in a small footprint. 

Incorporating next-generation Cryotiger® technology, the PCC delivers proven, dependable cooling and is designed to ensure repeatable performance and minimize maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • Rugged, low vibration cold end that can be used in any orientation
  • Compact size for small footprint
  • Cooling to -203° C
  • Rapid cool down
  • Remote cold end and minimal connections for optimal flexibility
  • Closed cycle compressor that uses patented gas blends and innovative oil management for quiet, reliable performance in a small footprint
  • Eliminates of the cost, inconvenience and risks associated with liquid nitrogen


The On-Board® IS 320FX Cryopump, developed specifically to address the challenges of today’s Ion Implant processes, provides enhanced hydrogen pumping speed and capacity while maintaining all the quality, performance and reliability benefits you’ve come to expect from the On-Board® IS 320FE cryopump. 

  • Specifically designed for ion implant applications
  • Optimized for tool throughput
  • Intelligent “self adjusting” technology
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Increased uptime


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The On-Board® IS XP Cryopump delivers increased capacity for PVD applications to achieve maximum productivity while maintaining process transparency. At the same time, it leverages the proven energy effi ciency, consistent performance and low cost of ownership you’ve come to expect from the On-Board® IS. 

  • Provides capacity overhead for future process improvements
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Up-Time
  • Intelligent “Self Adjusting” Technology for Consistent Vacuum Performance


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