Integrated Solutions

Maximising Sub Fab Availability

Supporting Customer Productivity

In today’s fast-moving connected world we understand the need to maximise our customers productivity ensuring their technology is first to market while continuing to strive to reduce the risk and environmental challenges todays manufacturing process can bring. We believe the best solution for our customers is an integrated approach, an integrated solution that looks at the whole vacuum and exhaust management needs of our customers based on our global experience. At the heart of our innovation our integrated solution allows us to provide our customers the advantages of product and service repeatability that brings to our customers productivity, safety and environmental reassurance.


Our fully intergrated sub fab solution will bring significant benefits to EUV lithography manufacturing. With over 10 years of enabling EUV from a sub fab perspective our innovative leading technology solutions and systemisation capabilities continue to strive to enable maximum EUV process up-time and yield.

  • Risk Management:
  • Local service capability
  • Global service experienc
  • Data analysis and sub fab experience
  • Energy Conservation:
  • Higher flows does not mean bigger tools
  • Recycling / Reuse
  • Scaling - the ability and experience to adapt to customer demands. Double flows does not mean doubling size of system experienced product company, account teams, service support and global expertise.
  • Field upgrades capability
  • R&D capability
  • Manufacturing

EZENITH offers an advanced portfolio of systems providing fully integrated vacuum and exhaust management solutions for all of your semiconductor processes applications. EZENITH systems are unique in offering:

  • Process-Centric Vacuum & Exhaust Management
  • Complete Integration of Components
  • Support of each function with a powerful, Integrated Control Interface
  • Designed for Efficient use of Space - for Savings of up to 70%
  • Full Internal Distribution, regulation and monitoring of services reducing utility hook-up by over 60% while ensuring smooth and reliable operation

With just a pump and a gas abatement device, you still are not ready to run your process. You will need to connect the pump exhaust, connect up your line heaters where required, run your water, purge and electrical lines, and then get all of your control signals ready. You will also have to consider double-enclosure, gas leak detection, and how you want to conduct leak checks after your tool maintenance. All of these things will cost you design time and money. We understand the problem so we have developed integrated, process-specific solutions.

Our integrated systems are already pre-designed for most semiconductor processes. The exhaust heaters are set for the correct temperature to minimize cost and maximise up-time. We put leak check ports and gate valves where they are required. The whole system is enclosed and, most importantly, you only need to provide one of each of the required utilities. We distribute the gases, water, electricity, and control signals where they are needed and create a ready-to-go system.