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nEXT730 & nEXT930 Turbomolecular Pumps


Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 turbomolecular pumps

The latest addition to the Edwards nEXT family, offering class leading performance along with high reliability and low cost of ownership.

With over 100,000 tried and trusted nEXT pumps produced we are now bringing higher pumping speeds and increased flexibility to new, more demanding sectors and applications. 

These new models extend the nEXT’s capability with inlet flange options of ISO / CF 160 and ISO / CF 200, giving pumping speeds of over 900 l/s.

Performance is assured with the nEXT family of turbomolecular pumps which now includes the new 730 l/s and 930 l/s variants, providing fast pump down and improved cycle times with reduced operational pressures. When looking for a turbomolecular pump with outstanding compression ratios look no further than the Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 high performance low ultimate pressure pumps. The reliable design of the new pump makes these pumps suitable for a range of coating and light industrial applications as well as general end user and OEM applications.

Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 pumps have been developed using the best technology from the nEXT family. The extensive internal test programme ensures high reliability and the best pump performance of any turbomolecular pump. There is no need to compromise with nEXT730 and nEXT930, these new turbomolecular pumps from Edwards will deliver extended operation and long maintenance intervals, and with their in-built intelligence you are able to plan any maintenance and minimise downtime. Serviceability has never been easier, and like other pumps in the nEXT family Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 are fully End User serviceable with simple tools. Should alternative service options be required, service exchange, field service and hub service is offered.

Edwards nEXT is suitable across many applications; providing higher pumping speeds and Compression. IP54 classification and purge and throughput make the pump suitable for an extended range of coating and industrial applications, all backed by Edwards experience. Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 variants can be installed in any orientation for flexibility of use, and with the compact design and integrated controller ease of installation has never been easier. Where your application requires customised products, our dedicated team of engineers work with the most advanced modelling tools to design customer specific solutions and split flow variants to meet a wide range of needs.

The new Edwards nEXT730 and nEXT930 share a common communication interface with the rest of the nEXT family for ease of control and monitoring. Systemisation is easy with nEXT as it is compatible with Edwards TIC and TAG controllers to continue the functionality throughout the range. We are the experts in the field of vacuum, with decades of vacuum knowledge, and are innovators in the design of vacuum products, always helping you to make the right choice

Class leading pumping speeds over 900 l/
Broad range of applications including new applications for nEXT
Ease of installation and integration
End user service capability including end user bearing change
  nEXT730D nEXT930D
ISO-K 160 CF 160 ISO-K 200 CF 200
Main inlet pumping speed
N2 ls-1 730 925
He ls-1 820 905
H2 ls-1 715 735
Ar ls-1 665 865
Peak compression ratio from the backing port to the main inlet port
N2 >1011 >1011
He 1.2X108 1.2X108
H2 4X106 4X106
Ar >1011 >1011
Ultimate pressure (mbar) (CF) 3.0X10-10 3.0X10-10
Weight (kg) 14.6 19.6 15.4 21.7
Throughput at full speed:
N2 14 14
He 21 21
H2 >14 >14
Ar 3.5 3.5
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