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EDC Maintenance

EDC Dry Claw Vacuum Pump Service Guide

The EDC pump is a claw, low maintenance, industrial pump that comes in sizes of 65 - 300 m³/h-1. The pump was designed for field serviceability, allowing users to perform maintenance on their own. All service activities can be done on-site, eliminating the need to send pump for repair to a service centre. Major maintenance tasks can be handled either by trained Edwards professionals or Edwards can deliver users with on-site training and tools. Another key benefit of EDC claw pump is long service intervals.  

How to make sure your EDC Edwards Dry Claw Pump runs smoothly and to lower the risk of unplanned downtime.

Tools required
  • Special tools and training are required for some service measures.

To keep the pump running at optimal performance, the following maintenance frequency is advisable. The recommended service intervals, as described below, are based on normal applications. Harsher applications may require more frequent maintenance.


  • Check oil and top up as required (Edwards Kinetic 150 oil)
  • Inspect check valve and spring on non-return valve, replace if damaged
  • No special tools and training required

Every 3 Years

  • Inspect pump for damage
  • Clean the inside of the pump
  • Replace lip seals
  • Apply sealant on bolts
  • Replace oil (Edwards Kinetic 150 oil)
  • Special tools and training required

Every 6 years

Additionally to the 3 year measures:

  • Replace motor coupling 
  • Lifting equipment required to lift the motor for coupling exchange
  • Same tools as at 3 years interval required

EDC pump family offers a modular pump design so in case of damage to the internal pump mechanism, exchange modules are available.

EDW_15.10.18_0823 XDS maintenance

My pump needs maintenance, does Edwards offer that service?

At Edwards, we offer comprehensive service solutions whether you are looking for immediate help and advice, trying to solve a problem, or require a long-term service partner; the performance of your business is our priority. Let us handle your pump's routine maintenance based on the critical needs of your operations.