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Interview of First Female Service Engineer at VTS

VTS Commitment to Diversity

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the forefront when it comes to recruitment at VTS.

Ann-Kathrin Heinemann-Becker , VP- People, Vacuum Technique Service Division

April 2021 saw VTS hire the first batch of female Field Service Engineers. One of the early recruits is Karoline Lima. A talented and passionate individual, Karoline embodies the true Brazilian spirit. Her energy and zest for making every day count is the reason she has delivered on the professional front since the very first day.


An avid learner, Karoline joined VTS to add to her learning curve. Always the one to step out of comfort zone, she has successfully found her footing in field service. By her own admission, she didn’t know much about VTS or her profile when she came onboard. However, the burning desire to learn something new powered her on, and in a short span of time, she has made her mark. She firmly believes giving her best every single day. And helping her in this endeavour is a fundamental principle she learned at VTS – there’s always a better way to do things! She doesn’t hesitate to seek guidance when in doubt. For her, taking a pause and analysing is an integral part of her profile. It wouldn’t be wrong to say troubleshooting comes naturally to her.

She realized her knack for solving problems when she was at college. At a science fair, doing a project with friends, she successfully waded her way through many problems and ensured the project got completed before the deadline. Karoline loves history. She marks historical occasions by studying them and grasping the underlying lessons which she implements in her professional and personal life. 

Devoted to her family, Karoline loves catching up with loved ones whenever she gets a chance. The foodie in her can’t have enough of Feijoada – a typical Brazilian delicacy – prepared by her mother. She believes her upbringing has played a crucial role in shaping her outlook. And it’s this rock-solid positive outlook that drives her to conquer new heights.

Way to go Karoline Lima!