Newsletter Summer 2021

Product highlights: Systems and solutions

Edwards developed the first dry pump – the Drystar, for chemical process industry in the 1980s. Over the years, we have educated, developed and converted many chemicals manufacturers to use dry pumps for their production as they are much better in performance, reliability, maintenance and provide a better overall cost of ownership.

Our product strategy for the process industry is ‘1+1>2’ which gives us the advantage of presenting the entire technological product portfolio of dry pumps, liquid rings pumps, rotary vane pumps, boosters and ejectors. Edwards has a highly experienced team of application and proposal engineers, located in regions close to our customers to assist with the selection, sizing and design of vacuum pumping system and to meet customer vacuum needs. We also have a vacuum modelling software which will help to specify the right pump options to the customer depending on their process composition and customer’s other requirements.

Our engineers handle the order execution of the vacuum system from receipt of order through to design, assembly and test. Further, our team of commissioning engineers support the installation on site. Our wide application expertise in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical industry ensures that we can offer the best solution for the customer’s vacuum needs. These include:

• Calculating the required vacuum pump capacity based on application data together with selecting the right vacuum technology, based on over 100 years’ experience. • Review special specification and design the vacuum system in accordance with customer specification and application requirements. • Determine the best operating procedure in line with customer’s application. • Design control equipment based on customer’s requirements. • Commissioning and installation.

Wherever required, we design individual bespoke solutions to handle harsh, hazardous and corrosive chemicals; this will typically include a vacuum pump system with a series of accessory modules to make sure the pumping system runs with maximum uptime including:

• Mechanical boosters – for increased pumping speed and improved ultimate vacuum

• Different gas purges which can be used to dilute flammables, prevent condensation inside the vacuum and prevent process gases entering the gearboxes thus extending the life of bearings and gearbox oils.

• Safety devices – flame arrestors, solvent flush, inlet isolation valves.

• Recovery vessels for solvents or other fluids – knock-out pot, condenser, receiver.

• Acoustic devices to reduce the pulsation in the exhaust and reduce noise – silencers (drainable).

• Monitors and controls: from gauges and 4–20 mA transmitters to fully enclosed bespoke control units – temperature and pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, rotation sensors, inverter drives, control box.

Contact us now to discuss your process requirements and get our proposal for an individual solution tailored to your specific needs!

nES Service Recommendations

Edwards nES vacuum pumps are Single Stage Rotary Vane pumps suitable for a wide range of applications, available in sizes from 40 up to 750 m3h-1. As any other oil sealed rotary vane pump, also nES model benefits from regular maintenance to keep the pump running at optimal performance and to avoid premature failures.

Regular checks

If a vacuum pump starts showing irregularities, it gives clear signals that something might go wrong sooner or later. That’s why it’s best to catch these irregularities as soon as possible and react before a problem occurs. This can be done by simple regular checks that include:

  • Check oil level and condition weekly
    • If you see oil level dropping, oil colour changing or process debris in the oil, contact Edwards immediately for troubleshooting
    • Use Edwards recommended oils Ultragrade Performance 70 (mineral) or Ultragrade Extend 110 (synthetic). They are the result of years of field experience and research. Avoid mixing lubricants of different brands or types as they may not be compatible, leading to an oil mix with inferior properties
  • Clean dirt-trap at pump inlet monthly

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is like brushing your teeth - if you do it regularly, you considerably decrease the risk of potential problems. Key features of nES preventive maintenance are:

  • Regular
    • Simple preventive maintenance performed annually will keep your pump running at optimal performance
  • Simple
    • Preventive maintenance on Edwards nES pumps can be performed by any experienced and trained technician. No special tools needed. We can train you to do the maintenance on your own or we can do it for you
  • Convenient
    • Edwards offers pre-prepared maintenance kits. You just order one part number and receive all the required spare parts for the maintenance

Pump overhaul

Edwards nES vacuum pumps are mechanical devices with rotating blades, thus after some time causing an inevitable wear of internal parts leading to the need for a pump overhaul. Doing regular checks and preventive maintenance on your nES vacuum pump will extend the service interval for the pump overhaul to the maximum. When the time for pump overhaul comes, we can send our engineer to do the full overhaul at your site or if the pump is contaminated we can handle the overhaul in our Service Technology Centre. The experience of our service stuff and short lead times will ensure quality and fast turnaround to return the pump back to “as new” factory specifications with a renewed service interval.


Edwards nES vacuum pumps come also in ATEX versions for applications in explosive atmospheres. ATEX nES pumps are designed so that the same maintenance recommendations as on non-ATEX nES pumps apply, just with a bit shorter service interval. Remember that any ATEX vacuum pump not maintained in accordance to the manufacturer’s service recommendations is at risk of losing the ATEX certification! Our service and technical support engineers are ATEX certified and available to help you keep your ATEX certification valid.

Edwards Ultragrade Oils

Using Edwards Ultragrade oils gives you the security that you are using oils that have been time tested for optimal performance of nES vacuum pumps. Thanks to the formula designed specifically for Edwards vacuum pumps, the Ultragrade oil reduces the cost of ownership as it reduces the requirements for oil changes. Using non-Edwards vacuum oils may lead to more frequent oil chances and pump not performing to the specifications (lower ultimate vacuum, lower pumping speed, etc.)

Ultragrade Performance 70 – used on standard nES variants for optimum ultimate pressure and pumping speed.
Ultragrade Performance Pure 70 – H2 NSF certified food grade oil suitable on standard nES variants in food applications.
Ultragrade Endurance Extend 110 – used on ATEX variants and on standard variants on demanding applications. Provides extended oil lifetime thanks to better resistance to thermal and chemical oxidation, capable of delivering stable ultimate vacuum for long durations.

Commissioning Services

Vacuum pumps are referred to as enabling technology – by creating vacuum they enable the manufacture of a wide range of products that otherwise could not be made at all or with inferior properties. That means that vacuum pumps are an integral part of extensive range of technical solutions interacting with other products and systems in the process. That is why it is so important to make sure that the vacuum pumps are installed properly. When it comes to ensuring the pumps work well with other parts of the system, every detail counts. Using our commissioning services will give you the certainty that every detail is taken care of.


Small pumps commissioning

Use our Virtual Service Eye service for commissioning small vacuum pumps. Small pumps are typically plug and play with little time requirements for the installation, thus not economical to have a service engineer come to your site. With our Virtual Service Eye commissioning via a video call we are able to ensure that the commissioning of your vacuum pump will be fast, convenient and economical!


Large pumps commissioning

What a frustrating experience it can be if your vast investment is disturbed by things such as insufficient water supply for the vacuum pump cooling lines. The larger the system using vacuum pumps, the more experience and knowledge is required for the installation. Our trained and experienced engineers know where to look and how to catch potential weak spots in the vacuum installation, thus saving you from unnecessary corrective investments once the system is running. Our on-site commissioning services will give you the peace of mind that you can fully rely on the vacuum pumps in your installation.



Are you swapping your vacuum pump with a back-up pump or did you just receive your pump back from service? Let our engineers witness and support the re-installation through our Virtual Service Eye video call to make sure everything is fine and the pump is ready to run well and long without a major expense!


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