Leak detection

Edwards ELD500 precision leak detector: your perfect partner

With three variants in the range: FLEX, WET and DRY, plus an extensive catalogue of accessories, the versatile ELD500 leak detector is ideal across all applications.

At the push of a button the ELD500 can easily be set to work in either vacuum mode for precise measurement of leak rate or sniffer mode for identifying leak location.


GasCheck G3 advanced gas leak detector

  • Detect leaks with automatic direct display of gas leak rate
  • Intuitive & easy to interpret icon display menu
  • High sensitivity to gas: rapidly detects almost any known gas
  • Rugged and portable - back-lit display for improved visibility in restricted lights levels
  • Choice of readings in cc/sec, mg/m3h-1 or ppm
  • Immediately ready to use
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Simple, one handed operation