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High Powered Laser Beams

Creating the most powerful pulses of light

Edwards enables High Powered Laser Beams

Movement of micro particles by beams of laser in dark laboratory
These laser beams must travel through multiple amplifiers to produce powerful pulses in the shortest interval time.

Operation of these high intensity laser beams requires careful consideration in the design and building of large vacuum systems to ensure maximum stability. 

With a wider range of skills, experience and specialisation in unique tools and techniques, Edwards has been able to provide a first-class vacuum consultancy and training service to the ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) project in the Czech Republic, the high-powered laser facility of the European Union.

Specialising in unique tools and techniques, Edwards offers a vacuum modelling capability that the best in the industry can help you select the right pump, pipe and port sizes to ensure that the experiments and tests conducted cater to your requirements.

In this case ELI were able to use the information on required pumps to help determine the size of the building needed to house the experiment. Edwards has also helped to train the vacuum team to enable them to understand the fundamentals that will help them maintain the vacuum pump system in the future.