EDP Chemical Dry Vacuum Pumps

Fast pumpdown and high-capacity pumping for industrial processes

EDP Chemical Dry Vacuum Pumps

The EDP series of chemical dry pumps are based on Edwards’ award winning, oil-free, non-contacting, reverse claw mechanism which was pioneered in early 1980’s. The long life time of the technology together with continuous improvements made EDP pumps a hallmark of robustness and reliability that satisfies the requirements of such demanding industries as chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical. As EDP pumps are often used on very demanding applications, regular maintenance is highly recommended to prevent your vacuum equipment from breaking down during operation and from secondary damages. Regular maintenance will ensure optimal performance and a long lifetime of safe operation.

Regular checks

The following activities, if done on a regular basis, ensure that potential issues are caught upfront and dealt with before they develop into an actual problem. These activities are simple and can be done by your in-house technicians. 

Weekly check
  • Check the gearbox oil level and top up if necessary
  • Check the shaft-seals purge supply
Monthly check
  • Inspect the pipelines and connections

Vacuum Pump Commissioning

Regularly check the oil level of your gearbox, shaft-seals purge supply, the pipelines and its connectors.

Annual Maintenance

More thorough care is advised for EDP pumps to keep the pumps running at optimal performance and to prevent premature failures. This care will ensure that your pump is energy efficient and running to the specifications. Edwards trained and experienced engineers are available to perform this maintenance on your site, eliminating the need to send the pump to a service centre.

Annual maintenance for EDP includes
  • Insert the pressure relief valve and replace hinge bushes, flap and o-rings if necessary
  • Inspect and relubricate the rotor bearings
  • Check the coolant and replace if necessary
  • Flush the pump with cleaning solution
  • Clean the cooling system
  • Inspect the torque limiter and coupling element and replace if necessary

Vacuum Pump Commissioning

Our field service teams can carry out essential maintenance, repair and commissioning of your vacuum equipment, anywhere in the world.

Major Overhaul

Standard service interval for Major Overhaul on EDP pumps is 3 years. This interval may be shorter or longer depending on the application and running hours. Multiple Major Overhaul options exist, each with its own benefits:

On-site Major Overhaul

Overhaul is done in your facility by Edwards engineer with original Edwards spares. This option eliminates the need for sending the pump to a service centre, thus saving on transportation costs and avoiding downtimes of a pump in a service centre. 


Repair in Edwards Service Centre

Pump is fully rebuilt and tested to as new factory specifications in Edwards state-of-the-art repair facility with original Edwards spares. All parts are inspected and any part not meeting the specifications of a new pump is replaced. This option returns the pump with renewed service interval and with the performance of a new pump.


Module Service Exchange

Fully refurbished pump module tested to as new factory specifications is sent to your site where it replaces your current pump module which is then returned to Edwards service centre. All parts of the refurbished module are inspected and any part not meeting the specifications of a new pump is replaced. This option also renews the service interval and delivers the same performance as a new pump. Fitting the Exchange Module can be easily done by your in-house technicians or can be managed by Edwards engineer as part of Annual Maintenance visit. 

Vacuum Pump Commissioning

Our network of service locations and remanufacturing centres offer a complete range of product repair, and remanufacturing solutions, with proven working practices and careful attention to detail.

Sales & Technical Support

Whether you are looking for preventive maintenance to ensure your vacuum equipment is running at optimal performance or you need help with a technical problem, our Sales and Technical Support teams are available to find a solution for you that will meet your application as well as economical demands.

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