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Newsletter Winter 2021

EDS Dry screw vacuum pumps - Range extension
We are extending our current range of EDS dry screw pumps, currently comprising the 200-300 m³/h size range, by our new EDS480 with a pumping speed of more than 460 m³/h. 

Our range of EDS dry screw vacuum pumps has created a new benchmark in the screw pump market. Its innovative design for the industrial market makes the pump capable of handling challenging conditions and demanding applications, offering robust & reliable performance with state-of-the-art technology. 

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EXS Dry screw vacuum pump - Product introduction

With our new EXS pumps we are taking our industry proven screw pump technology to the next level. Based on the same technology as our GXS dry screw pumps, the EXS has been designed to bring the advantages of our market leading technology in a package that focusses on simplicity and robustness. 

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New Ultragrade Performance Pure oil

Edwards has launched a new range of food grade mineral oil. The Ultragrade Peformance Pure oil is H2 certified and has been designed to deliver outstanding performance when used in oil-sealed vacuum pumps. This new range of food grade oils offer the highest quality and deliver exceptional benefits.

  • Refined without the usage of solvents for extreme purity
  • Withstand high operating temperatures
  • Enhance performance, extend life and save energy
  • Inhibit corrosion and wear without loss of performance
  • NSF H2 registered

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Genius Remote Monitoring Tool

We are proud to present our Genius remote monitoring tool that allows you to view and analyse pump data 24/7, and thus extending the pump uptime significantly. Genius transmits data to the cloud via 2G, NB-IoT and CAT- M1 LTE networks, allowing users to monitor pump data non-stop on an Edwards web portal.
Genius comes as a plug and play device that eliminates connectivity issues. Just log on to the web portal and enjoy the benefits of live pump data. With Genius you will get access to data such as Availability, Uptime, Pump status, Energy consumption, Operating status and more.
All the data can be viewed in historical trends, allowing you to spot potential issues and come up with solutions before an actual problem would occur. With the use of SMS and E-mail notifications you will never miss any pump alarms and warnings that require your attention. Accessing the data from Genius is also user-friendly on mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Genius can be ordered together with a new pump or as a retrofit kit to install on existing pumps. Simple plug and play installation allows for a DIY approach without expensive bills for external technicians. Should you need any support with the installation, our experienced engineers will be happy to guide you through this over a video call free of charge.

Tens of Genius devices have been successfully piloted in Europe with hundreds more to come now with its full launch! Genius is currently proven and tested on GXS and CXS screw pumps, with nEXT turbo and nXDS scroll pumps coming soon as well.

No need to worry about data safety or data usage costs to your phone service provider – Edwards has that covered!

Contact us today and find out more about how you can enjoy:

  • Longer pump uptime
  • Pro-active rather than corrective maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Pump data visibility from anywhere in the world
  • Alarms/Warnings notifications

Genius is Mobile, Safe and Reliable.