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Effluent-free vacuum for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries

High throughput processes

When you work in critical applications, you need a reliable pump. The CDX pump is a robust high-performance machine that is highly tolerant to process malfunctions, delivering continuous performance you can rely on, from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum.

Designed for harsh environments and processes

Edwards’ standard indirect cooling ensures exceptional temperature control, including protection from thermal shock and corrosion. The pump has excellent liquid handling capabilities and is dust and particulate tolerant, making it a first choice for numerous chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical applications.

Application-specific modules

A range of Edwards’ low-cost pre-engineered modules can help you to meet your specific application needs. Our customised systems include tailored applications support to help you maximise performance in a wide range of process conditions.

Easy to maintain

The CDX is designed to minimise your scheduled downtimes, from line maintenance to overhaul. On-site maintenance and cleaning options include bearing and seal change and cleaning of flame arrestors, with minimal process line disturbance.

Saving you operating costs

Cooled, filtered oil for the bearings and rotor stub shafts avoids carburization and degradation, allowing you to save on costs by increasing mean times between maintenance and extending the overall life of the pump.

You can call on our expert applications engineering to help you optimise:

  • Process design
  • Equipment selection
  • Integration into the plant control philosophy
  • Safety considerations
  • Advice at start-up, commissioning and training

Our experienced chemical applications team are here to provide expert advice on the correct pumping system for your process, anywhere in the world.

  Units 50/60 Hz
Maximum pumping speed m³/h 900
ft³/h 530
Capacity at 10 mbar (7.5 Torr) m³/h 900
ft³/min 530
Ultimate vacuum mbar 0.005
Torr 0.004
Maximum back pressure - standard mbarA 1150
psig 2
Power consumption at 10 mbar (7.5 Torr) kW 17.1
hp 23.2
Standard motor (380 - 460 ± 10%, 3 ph, 50 Hz) kW 30
Standard motor (380 - 460 ± 10%, 3 ph, 60 Hz) hp 40
Cooling water flow rate (adjustable)  l/min 10 - 20
gal min4 2.64 - 5.28
Cooling water supply temperature range °C / °F 5 - 35 °C / 41 - 95 °F
Cooling water supply pressure barg 02 - 10
psig 29 - 145
Seal purge flow (maximum), regulated to 0.3 - 0.5 barg (5 - 7 psig) l/min 24
ft³ /min 0.85
Seal purge supply pressure (minimum - maximum)  barg 02 - 10
psig 29 - 145
Noise (maximum with  exhaust silencer) dB(A) 82
Weight (with frame and standard motor) kg 1710 / 1705
lbs 3765 / 3745
Process connection, inlet ANSI/DIN 6"/DN150
Process connection, outlet ANSI/DIN 3"/DN80
Pumping mechanism Variable pitched screw
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