Edwards Enables - Astronauts

Surviving in a vacuum is dependent on vacuum engineering. Vacuum coatings in an astronaut’s visor protect their eyes and metallised threads in their suits shields their bodies from radiation.

EH Mechanical Booster Pumps

The Edwards EH mechanical booster pumps feature a unique hydrokinetic drive which provides efficient power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness. These booster pumps are suitable for use with high differential pressures which allow the booster pump to be started at the same time as the backing pump, reducing total pump down times.

EH250IND 200V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 3hp

EH250FX 220-240/380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 1.5kW

EH250C 460V, 3-ph 60Hz, 3 hp

EH250T4 220-240/380-415V 3ph 50Hz 2.2kW

EH500IND 208-230/460V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 3 hp

EH500FX 220-240/380-415V, 3-ph 50Hz, 2.2 kW

EH500C 460V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 3 hp

EH500T3 220-240/380-415V 3ph 50Hz 2.2kW

EH1200IND 220-240/380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 3kW

EH1200FX 220-240/380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 3 kW

EH1200C 230/460V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 4 hp

EH1200T4 380-415V 3ph 50Hz 3kW

EH2600IND 380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 11 kW

EH2600FX 380 – 415V, 3 ph, 50 Hz, 11kW

EH2600C 230/460V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 15 hp

EH2600T3 380-415V 3ph 50 Hz 11kW

EH2600T4 380-415V 3ph 50Hz 11kW

EH4200IND 380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 11kW

EH4200C 230/460V, 3-ph, 60Hz, 15 hp

EH4200T3 380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz, 11 kW

EH4200T4 380-415V 3ph 50Hz 11kW