Edwards Enables: Metallurgy

The highest purity steels are made by removing hydrogen from molten metal under vacuum. Combine this with vacuum impregnation or coating and you have the building blocks for anything from Aeroplanes to Xylophones

Electro-Pneumatic Control Valves

The Edwards Electropneumatic Control Valves can be used to control the operation of pneumatically activated vacuum valves. Control valves are available in 3-port or 5-port versions with different supply voltages and frequencies to suit your application.

3-Port, 48 V d.c, 1/8 Inch BSP, North America

, 24 V a.c, 50/60 Hz, 6mm BSP with Bracket

5-Port, 110 V a.c, 50/60 Hz, ¼” BSP