Edwards Enables: Neon Tubes

After the second world war, advertisers were looking for attractive signs that worked at night. Vacuum provided the answer – neon lighting. It was a revelation in the 1940s, adding some brightness after years of conflict.

Electro-Pneumatic Control Valves

The Edwards Electropneumatic Control Valves can be used to control the operation of pneumatically activated vacuum valves. Control valves are available in 3-port or 5-port versions with different supply voltages and frequencies to suit your application.

3-Port, 48 V d.c, 1/8 Inch BSP, North America

, 24 V a.c, 50/60 Hz, 6mm BSP with Bracket

5-Port, 110 V a.c, 50/60 Hz, ¼” BSP