Edwards Enables: Photography

Take a look at your camera or mobile phone – see the tint on the lens; that’s a vacuum coating. …and the chip that processes the call or captures the image; that’s made under vacuum. ..and the colour display; that’s an LCD for which vacuum is essential.

Process vacuum

Edwards offers an extensive range of process vacuum systems and accessories. Our experience enables us to provide the optimum package for your requirements- off the shelf or a system-engineered package. We add value from initial advice through to the final installation and support, delivering safe, reliable solutions that help your performance.

Edwards is synonymous with Vacuum innovation. Edwards offers an extensive range of process vacuum systems and accessories

In the vast global 'process' industry that stretches from food production to the manufacture of plastic and textiles, Edwards focuses on four specific sectors: power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, and petro- chemical production. In each of these important industries Edwards Vacuum products and expertise play a vital role.

For over a century, from Hicks Hargreaves' pioneering development of steam ejector technology to present day liquid ring vacuum pumps for condenser air extraction, Edwards' products and technologies have been a recognised industry standard when it come to maximising the efficiency of power generation while helping to minimise the environmental impact.

Edwards is also at the forefront the development and application of high performance dry pumping technologies used in the production of pharmaceutical active principles and speciality chemicals. From our robust EDP Series reverse claw and CDX screw pumps, to the advanced screw technology of our new generation CXS chemical dry pumps, Edwards' products consistently produce the clean, effluent and oil free vacuums that are essential for efficient and economic production.

In the demanding world of petro-chemical production, Edwards' technologies and products are a crucial part of the process of extraction and refinement. Our seawater injection deaerators are a fundamental feature of crude oil recovery, helping to make extraction economically viable in the hostile environments. And in crude oil refinement, our large capacity steam ejector systems provide exactly the level, volume, and quality of vacuum required for specific refinery applications.

In the process sectors Edwards operates in, our pumps and technologies deliver robust, economic, and environmentally responsible solutions whether the requirement is for off-the-shelf products or bespoke system-engineered packages.